Underwater Hockey Beep Test v2.0

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Brendon Maxwell during the beep test 2002

Brendon Maxwell during the beep test 2002

This test is similar to the well established running beep test but is adjusted to be more underwater hockey specific.  It may not be an accurate determinant of uwh fitness because ability in the test relies on speed & swimming technique as much as personal determination and raw fitness/VO2 max uptake, but it has correlated reasonably well with the land beep test [multi-stage shuttle running] when we have used both. It is also an excelent indicator of improvement when conducted at regular intervals (every 6 weeks).

What you need:

  • 25m swimming pool,
  • A lane rope [clearly visible] across the pool at 1/2 way,
  • A gong or underwater sound signal,
  • A gong-ringer
  • A time-keeper / note taker
  • A couple of brightly coloured pucks,
  • A few others to do the test with you – no-one wants to be the first to drop out so competition spurs you along!


How it works:

Secure the lane rope across the pool at half way. Each 25m length is swum in 2 parts, 1st 1/2 is swum on surface, 2nd 1/2 underwater. When ready the gong-ringer will start the test and continues to indicate the start of each length by ringing the gong. The time keeper should help the gong-ringer and note down scores.

The test starts out at intervals of 30secs to complete each length, intervals decrease as test continues. Swimmers have to work harder, with less rest until too fatigued to continue. When it gets hard ring the gong underwater so those that are just behind know they have to catch up. To help swimmers know where they are up to, drop the pucks in the water on length 20.

A swimmers score is the total number of completed lengths without missing start of next length. You may allow a couple of lengths for a swimmer to catch up but if they are falling further behind, stop them and take their score from where they first failed to finish in time.


  • Current Men’s record = 37 (Matthew Heart, Scott Maddox – NZ)
  • Current Women’s record = 33 (Jess Lowther – NZ)
  • New Zealand Men’s players are expected to make 30 just prior to a championships
  • New Zealand Women’s players are expected to make 27 just prior to a championships
  • Scale down for age groups with U18 roughly 4-5 lengths less
  • New players should aim to crack 20


Currently international referees are completing v1.0 of this test written the 1990′s. Benchmarks for that test are high 40′s into the 50′s for elite players. V2.0 shortens the test and gets a better measure of improvement. It would be great if the international referees could move to v2.0 so they can compare their level of fitness with the players.

This test is suitable for all levels of UWH as a measure of personal improvement. If you run this test for your team or by yourself, let us know how you got on by commenting on this page or at blowbubbles@snorkelbattleextreme.com

The beep test being run at a New Zealand Women's underwater hockey workshop

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